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You are a zoo-keeper. It's winter season, so you and your collegue take out the pinguins for a walk around the zoo. All visitors are delighted to see the pinguins, still - the pinguins are wild animals - to avoid incidents, you instruct the visitors to not touch the pinguins. But of course, regardless of your warning, there are still visitors who ignore it and try to touch the pinguins...

Inspiration: Zürich zoo, where this actually happened...


9th Feb - update: realeased a buggy version of the game as a sumbission for "My first game Jam"

Since the last update I made the collision detection has been quite buggy, a version where this issue is fixed is coming soon...

Install instructions

Download the android apk to your device

Make sure you have the option "enable download/install apk from not google store"

Install & play!


protect_pingus.apk 19 MB

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